50cm (5mm) across the case. Waltham Crescent St 21 Jewel model 1908 dating to 1913. Housed in a Star watch case co STELLAR rolled gold case with screw on front and rear covers. The case is in fine condition, only small marks commensurate with age to outside and some light but abundant scratches inside rear cover, featuring a decorative edge to cover edges. Fantastic quality movement, 21 jewels, adjusted to 5 positions, rail road grade. Micro adjuster regulator. Lever set (remove front cover and pull out lever at 1 O'clock position, set time and replace lever and cover when done). Fully serviced and includes, as ever, a modern alloy "unbreakable" mainspring. The double sunk dial is bright and clean, chip repair at 1 O'clock, old repair done well, no hairline cracks. The crystal is mineral glass and in good condition. Another top piece, highly original, running well and keeping time. Great for wedding, graduation, retirement, Christmas, Fathers day or birthday present.


Servicing is defined as the piece being disassembled, cleaned, inspected and adjusted if necessary. It is then re-assembled and correctly oiled, timed for accuracy and adjusted if required. The mainspring will be replaced and the piece will be bench-tested for at least one day.

High Grade Waltham Crescent Street 21 Jewel, Open Faced Pocket Watch. RR Grade


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