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Smith & Son full hunter, lever set pocket watch in Swiss .935 silver.


5cm (50mm) across the case size 16.


Not to be confused with the lower quality "Smiths" pocket watches from the 60's and 70's


Rarely available, this is a fabulous solid silver full hunter pocket watch with some very prestigious names involved with its manufacture and sale. The most obvious being S Smith and Son, London. Mostly known for automobile instruments and the supply of timepieces to the British military, in particular, the supply of WWII aircraft clocks for instrument panels for fighters and bombers such as the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster to mention but a few. Having worked on several Smith & Son aircraft clocks (6a/579) I recognise that this watch shares some characteristics with the Jaeger-LeCoultre movement found in those types. Although signed by Smith & Sons I believe the Swiss manufacturer to be Jaeger-LeCoultre. This is an identical model I had for sale some months back and was marked Baume & Co. Baume and Co imported swiss timepieces to the UK and are heavily linked to Longines. 


The 15-jewel movement is a full plate swiss lever (suspected to be of LeCoutre manufacture) and bears the name of S Smith & Son. Recently fully serviced and tested, runs very well and keeps good time. Lever set and crown wind. lever is at the 4 (IIII) O'clock position.


Mineral glass crystal in perfect condition.