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Waltham 15 Jewel, American coin silver full hunter 18s pocket watch, an antique from Victorian period. Great inscription indicating some history of the watch.


5.5cm across the case.


160 grams in total weight.


The case by Keystone, in very good condition, some slight marks commensurate with age, no major scratches, some minor marks, engraved detail to front and rear covers, coin edged. The front cover pops open with a depression of the crown, as it should. Front and rear covers open to 90 degrees. All hinges are good. Case model "LEADER"


The dust cover is inscribed with :-


"Presented to William Fraser, 2nd engineer of SS "Umbria" for valuable services when ship was lying with broken shaft at sea, by M.E.B.A Ocean No 69 N.Y. U.S.A. Jan 19th 1893"


A researchable event with historic connection to this watch.


"On 23 December 1892, six days out from Liverpool (with a stop at Queenstown, Ireland), the Umbria lost power when her propeller shaft fractured. She drifted in gale force winds for four days until the ship's engineer and crew could make repairs, and limped into New York late on New Year's Eve. After some temporary repairs in New York, she returned to Liverpool without passengers for permanent repairs. As part of that refit, the sailing rig was remove from her main and mizzen masts, leaving only the yards on the foremast for setting sail in case of emergencies."



Mineral glass crystal in perfect condition.


The dial is bright and clean, no hairling cracks. Black Roman numerals, blued steel hands. Signed "American Waltham Watch Company"


Model 1883 15 jewel movement, P.S. Bartlett model, beautifully damascened, micrometer adjuster star regulator dated to c1892. Crown wind and lever set, the lever being at the V (5 O'clock) position at the bezel under the front cover. Pull lever out to set time, push back when done.


Fully serviced including modern alloy "unbreakable" mainspring. 


Another top piece, great for wedding, graduation, retirement, Christmas, Fathers day or birthday present.


Popular choice as a gift to the groom from the bride.


Servicing is defined as the piece being disassembled, cleaned, inspected and adjusted if necessary. It is then re-assembled and correctly oiled, timed for accuracy and adjusted if required. The mainspring will be replaced and the piece will be bench-tested for at least one day.



I restore all of my watches to a fully working condition. It is my aim to provide a watch that is not only running but working to a usable state. My watches can be worn and used for their intended purpose on a daily basis. The time keeping should certainly be within +- 5 minutes per 24 hours but I aim for +-3 or better. I do offer guarantees, the details of which can be found on my website for Time Pocket Watches. I have many years experience and a vast catalogue of Waltham spares and parts.



My highly detailed photographs show the watch in detail, this level of detail is not normally seen by the naked eye. The watch will look even better in real life.

Waltham Coin Silver 1883 Full Hunter Pocket Watch with History

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