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Our Services

Oiling a pocket watch movement.
A watchmakers work bench.

We offer a range of services and repairs*, see below for details and prices.

Unfortunately, we only work with pocket watches from the late 19th to the mid 20th century (1880 - 1970). We do not work on wristwatches and cannot offer servicing or repairs of Fusee type watches (cone pulley - chain drive). Pocket watch mineral glass can be supplied and fitted as a post in service. Dennison hunter cases are a speciality. Contact us for details.

* We are a post in service only, there are no customer accessible premises.

What We

Full Service - £115 (£90*)

Full strip and clean of all components using an ultra sonic tank. A modern alloy mainspring of the correct size fitted. Oiled and adjusted. Timed for accuracy (+- 3 Minutes) * For returning customers

Basic Clean - £50

The movement will be removed from the case. The hands and dial will be removed and the movement flushed with a cleaning fluid. The mainspring will not be replaced. No timing will be performed.

Repair Service

We undertake a range of repairs and adjustments. Prices start from £25. A free estimate can be given for most types of repair work. Please contact us for details.

Partial Service - £80

As a full service but partially stripped down. Some components will be left fitted.

Mineral Glass Fitting 

I can supply and fit mineral glass crystals for a good range of pocket watches.

Hunter - From £55

Open Face - From £20

Dennison STAR, MOON & SUN hunter cases are especially catered for.

About Servicing

Full servicing is defined as the piece being disassembled, ultrasonic cleaned, inspected and adjusted if necessary. It is then re-assembled and correctly oiled, timed for accuracy and adjusted if required. The mainspring will be replaced and the piece will be bench-tested. 

I sent my non working pocket watch to Andy who examined it and provided a cost for repair. Within days I had a fully functioning watch which had been treated to a polish. So nice to know there are still craftsmen out there you can turn to.

David Firbank - Trustpilot Review

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